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1031 Exchange Form

Exchange Form

1031 Exchange Procedures


Either you have identified a 1031 Exchange candidate or one was provided to you by per our marketing agreement.

Step 1: Download the 1031 Exchange Information Template provided below.

Step 2: Call your client, discuss their 1031 Exchange need, and share that you are also a Tax Deferral Consultant. If your client has questions watch the 1031 Exchange video together.

Step 3: Complete the mandatory information on the 1031 Exchange Information Template and agree to a timeline with your client on the completion of the additional information. (Be sure to follow-up or the exchange may fail)

Step 4: Click the button to the right of these instructions and enter all the information you gathered in Accruit’s 1031 Exchange form.

Note: Be sure to enter your Affiliate ID (email address) in the Tracking Code field that pops up before you can enter any other information. See the image below.

Tracking Code

1031 Exchange with Accruit

One of the benefits of being a Tax Deferral Consultant is being an Exchange Accommodator Rep for Accruit. For each successful 1031 Exchange you initiate, you will receive $500.

Accruit processes over 150 1031 Exchange requests per month.

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This link should only be used by trained Tax Deferral Consultants. For more information on becoming a Tax Deferral Consultant, please visit our website.