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1031 Exchange Form

Exchange Form

1031 Exchange Procedures


Either you have identified a 1031 Exchange candidate or one was provided to you by per our marketing agreement.

Step 1: Call your client, discuss their 1031 Exchange need, and share that you are also a Tax Deferral Consultant. If you client has questions, watch the 1031 Exchange video together. 

Step 3: Complete all available information in the webform to the right. The only mandatory information on the form is your name, email, phone, and the client’s name, email, phone; plus property address. We also need a preliminary title report and sales contract.

Note: Be sure to enter your Affiliate ID (class login ID email address) in the TDC name, email, and phone fields. 

1031 Exchange with XSI

One of the benefits of being a Tax Deferral Consultant is being an Exchange Accommodator Rep for Exchange Solutions Inc. For each successful 1031 Exchange you initiate, you will receive $500.

XSI processes over 100 1031 Exchange requests per month.

Exchange Solutions Inc
Email Form

This form should only be used by trained Tax Deferral Consultants. For more information on becoming a Tax Deferral Consultant, please visit our website.