You May Not Know It Yet, But...

1031 Exchange is not your only option!

If your answer is “yes” to any of these three questions…

Then we can help you reduce, defer, or avoid paying taxes and keep more of your hard-earned money working for you!


1. Is it your main goal to purchase another piece of investment real estate?

2. Is it your main goal to go from active property management to passive property management?

3. Is it your main goal to cash out and simplify your life without purchasing real estate?

Hi, my name is Carl Worden and
I am a Tax Deferral Consultant.

I’ve helped hundreds of investors just like you to reduce, defer, or avoid taxes on capital gains. 
The 1031 Exchange is a great tax deferral tool. In fact, I am a real estate investor with over 18 personal 1031 Exchanges completed.
However, the 1031 Exchange has its limitations. The good news is, I have over 10 other tax deferral options to choose from. 
I truly enjoy helping others save money on taxes, so I’d love the opportunity to meet you and share some options with you. 
Carl at the Beach

Need advice on which Tax Deferral Strategy is right for you?

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